Fluent in French and Spanish, Clare Ronay has a BA Honours language degree from Manchester University and has studied at the prestigious Sorbonne. Following a brief period working for MarieClaire magazine she started a lengthy career in PR, working on a wide range of fashion, interior, and lifestyle accounts. It was during her time off to have her kids, Alfie, and twins Betty and Lola that Clare began working as a freelance stylist, whilst also completing a course in interior design.


It was her love of sourcing beautiful things, coupled with the desire to showcase up and coming, as well as established interior and fashion designers that the idea for FiveGoMad was born.

Born in Wales, but brought up in England, Simon Pugh has worked as an advertising photographer, in London for over 20 years. He was first drawn to the profession by a desire to create beautiful things and a love of elegant design. In particular he has always been impressed by the variety and inventiveness of Great British Design, from the iconic to the cutting edge of today's young designers.

Sharing this enthusiasm with Clare, the pair decided to launch FiveGoMad with the idea of bringing together the best in contemporary and classic British design in to one place. To act as a showcase and cheerleader for the products we believe in, and to broadcast new talents to as large an audience as possible.

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